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Today's planetary alignments will help you connect with a very spiritual person or maybe even your soulmate. You’ll learn about new concepts of love, different criteria to those your parents have instilled in you. You’ll realize that love can be less rigid, more compassionate and more equal. Love includes everybody in the same way.

Listen to your heart; it may be telling you that you have to do something for the person who has always been there for you through good and bad times. Those born under the sigh of Leo are well known for being noble when it comes to friendship. You’re always willing to give a hand for those who need you. Keep it that way, your kindness will lead you to success.

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It’s great when time flies at work. The day will pass by very quickly because you’ll be in a very good mood and have lots of fun doing new things and learning from others.

You’ll feel challenged at work by people who you admire and consider very intelligent. You’ll like their offer and think that you could make a new profession or trade out of it. Imagining a change of activity could be exciting, but it has some complications that you should evaluate.

Your lucky number today is 51. Did you know that in I Ching, the wise book of Chinese culture, this number refers to surprising success? But in astrological numerology it refers to a Leo's capacity for leadership and bravery.


Today's astrological configuration activates your subconscious and helps you connect with your dreams. If you can remember what you dreamt last night, note it down. It contains some information that will be very valuable for your future situations. These images are the seeds of a future that will bring you happiness.