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You’ll get some excellent news that will uplift your mood for the rest of the week. Great celebrations of growth and change within your family will bring you immense happiness.

Venus continues in your opposite sign and will help you in your love encounters, which will be full of harmony, understanding and desire to share joyful moments. You’ll find yourself more attractive to the opposite sex and will be more eager than usual to go to celebrations or get-togethers, especially if you were born in the second deanery.

If you’re single, don’t stay at home. Take advantage of this situation that the goddess of love is giving you to find your significant other.

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Today you’ll stand out due to your creative skills. You know where to look for recourses and you understand how to take advantage of a problem turning it into a product or an opportunity.

No one will be able to keep up with you in professional field if you trust your skills and focus on your tasks instead of waiting to get recognition. When the moment comes, your accomplishments will be rewarded. Don’t worry about it now.  

Today's lucky number for Leos is 65. This number symbolizes learning and the path that leads to achieving your goals.


If you feel nervous or anxious, you could be somatizing (manifesting psychological distress through physical symptoms) some situation at work. To avoid these symptoms that may affect your health, you should leave all the issues that are linked to work at the door of your house and distract yourself doing things you enjoy.

Those born under your sign are born artists. If you still don’t express yourself through art, look for an activity that you’d enjoy most and go to a workshop or start classes of your favorite artistic discipline.