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Be careful not to mix love with family issues that later may affect your relationship. You’ll have discussions with your in-laws that will revive old resentments that you’ve had towards each other.

Your peaceful and enthusiastic character will be undermined by the provocations of hidden enemies who won’t miss the opportunity to harm you.

You’re loyal and protective and expect your partner to be the same way with you. Today you may feel deeply disappointed because you’ll be attacked and undervalued.

Don’t rush, give people some time to react. Not everyone has your capacity to act quickly. Some need more time to process the situations and decide to act.

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Today you’d better pay close attention to the news, since something you’ll see on your computer screen may open lots of doors for you. Perhaps you’ll see an opportunity to travel somewhere beautiful and attend a training course.

Planetary transits will help you make profit for your bosses and authorities. You’ll have numerous job opportunities and you’ll have to make the right decision taking into account your character and needs. Don’t exaggerate and keep a humble attitude so that your work environment is peaceful and you’re in harmony with your colleagues.

Don’t forget to check your email.


Don’t worry if you find some hair in the bathtub, brush or on your pillow. Hair loss patterns change with the seasons and between them since climate change and air conditioning confuse our bodies.

We tend to lose most hair while showering and brushing. If you notice that you lose more hair than usual in other situations, it’s never a bad idea to pay a visit to a dermatologist. What Leo has to know is that healthy hair has to do a lot with a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals.