Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The moon in your complementary opposite sign invites you to pursue your desires regarding relationships. If you feel attracted to someone, it’s time to manifest your feelings.

This Friday will bring you lots of emotional energy. You’ll feel the strength of love and sensitivity inside you. You’ll be able to open up about your true feelings without limitations or excuses.

Are you ready to vibrate with joy and live your deepest desires?

Stay away from drama and people who persist in blaming you for their bad luck. Find a way to your own heart!

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This day will bring lots of positive things for you. The stars will be on your side and reward you economically.

When it comes to achieving your goals, you’ll have to wait for an important person’s answer. Take advantage of this time to observe if you’re sabotaging your own projects or encouraging yourself like you would support your best friend. Your future success depends on you taking the first step. Later things get going and the rewards come naturally. Remember that you have a mission in this life; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here now. Although it may be difficult to see, everything happens for a reason.


If you’re prone to heart diseases and have similar symptoms as in the past, pay a visit to a healthcare center to check your blood pressure.

It may be fatigue but it’s always a good idea to rule out a more serious problem that cannot be cured with a simple nap. Today's lifestyle wreaks havoc on health and unbalances emotional stability. Take care of your body and mind.