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You could feela little restless due to the temporary separation or emotional distance from your partner. You’ll be very sensitive and see the negative side of things. You shouldn’t pay attention to what people say. Focus on discovering your sensations and emotions.

Every experience has its positive side. Arguments tend to bring up the past. However, finally, you’ll be able to come to an agreement with your partner and continue building a solid foundation in your relationship.   

Younger Leos will have a very critical day. You’ll focus on the negative side of people. If you continue having this attitude, you’ll lose a very important person that has been a positive influence on you.

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There are some very worrying rumors regarding problems in your workplace. People talk about upcoming cessation or suspension of activities. Don’t worry about it; you’ll be the first to know the truth. If you have many doubts, talk to your superiors and ask them to confirm the rumors.

Continue working at your own pace and think how you could improve your performance. Dedicate all your effort to the tasks and offer your collaboration.

There will be many changes once Uranus enters Taurus. It’s important that you learn to adapt.


You will have very alarming dreams full of signs and numerous symbols that will give you information about your future situation. Try to remember them by writing them down as your subconscious will help you find solutions to your problems.

If you get enough sleep and rest deeply, it’ll be easier to remember the details of your dreams. Go to bed earlier after a very light dinner. Keep a journal by your bedside to note down every detail as soon as you open your eyes. You’ll see how much information your dreams hold.