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Astrological conditions predict that Leos may receive sad news today. The news could affect your mood and ruin the rest of the day.

Although people around you will try to comfort you, they won’t find the right way to improve your mood. Sadness will take over. However, you have to understand that life is full of good and bad moments. All you have to do is accept the cycles and changes of life.  

The followers of Chinese philosophy teach us to fill the void and empty the full. That is what it’s all about. Say goodbye to your old habits and open the door of hope.

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Many tasks and issues that have come to a standstill and have been limiting your progress and holding you back up to now could finally be resolved.

You’ve been suffering from tension for a long time and you had to make incredible effort to carry out your projects. Astrological trend that has obstructed your progress has finally come to an end and you can move forward, opening new doors and enjoying the flow of communication.

Don’t be afraid to make sharp decisions that could affect people who are involved. Your mental clarity will help you choose the best option.


You'll wake up in the morning with a very annoying nasal congestion. You’ll have to put up with a stuffy nose all morning and a part of the afternoon.

It’s not that you’re ill; however, this discomfort tends to affect life quality.

Most of us think that excess mucus is a problem that only strikes during cold and flu season. However, environmental factors may also have drying effects on the mucus in your nostrils. Pollen, air conditioners, dust and even your pet’s hair may be the cause of your stuffy nose.