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You'll get a nice surprise from your partner in the middle of the day. They’ll show their feelings and how important you are in their life with an invitation or a gift. You‘d like to live this way for longer.

In the afternoon, small everyday troubles and disagreements will lead to quarrels and fights that will turn the rest of the day into a nightmare.  Misinterpretations, complaints and reproaches are about to come, too. You are tired of wasting your energy defending things that have no importance in life.

Now that you’re aware of this astrological tendency, you could be more tolerant and wait for the storm to pass. Will you be able to do it, Leo?

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You’ll get some news of judicial or legal origin and you’ll have to consider the most convenient answer by urgently consulting a lawyer or professional who knows the law and can advise you correctly. The stars are on your side, so you should take advantage of the day and deal with this issue.

Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter will illuminate you today and bring you good luck and luminous energy.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Cheer up, Leo; take care of all the matters regarding this issue and others which involve paperwork.

Your swiftness will be rewarded.


An itchy nose and annoying recurrent sneezing may be the beginning of a cold or allergic reaction. If you haven't been feeling cold or exposed to viruses in your environment, it may be a transient allergy.

As you know, itchy nose is often accompanied by watery eyes, mucus and a stuffy nose. You’ll need to put an end to these endless annoyances.

Create a dust-free environment by vacuuming daily. Washing your sheets, blankets and pillows with hot water will help you eliminate dust mites and mold, which cause so much discomfort.