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The new moon in the neighboring sign of Cancer invites you to get in touch with your sensitivity and the emotions that are rooted in your childhood and in your relationship with your mother and your family in general. It would be of great help if you had time to visit your loved ones. It would help you find a solution to your sensations of sadness and problems in your relationship that are not completely real. Spending some time and talking with your siblings, parents and grandparents (if you’re one of the lucky ones who still have them), would provide you new tools to face life.   

Astral influences show you the way to the regeneration of your heart and soul. Take advantage of them, Leo!

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There’s a lot of astral energy in your subconsciousness; therefore, if it’s within your possibilities, try to work very little today. You’ll need some time to take in all the information that you’ll receive.

It might be hard to disconnect from all your obligations on a day like this, but you should try. Integrating some notions and knowledge of your ancestors will feel great. It’ll help you see your work from a new perspective and you’ll find the answers to your blockages and difficulties.

Don't forget to check your mail as there is some correspondence that needs to be attended to as soon as possible.


Lunar transit could affect you and make you feel moody or sad. Nostalgia will lead you to remember some delicate topics. However, your mood will improve and you’ll feel more positive when you remember how much your closest people love and appreciate you. It’s not only your family, but also people you’ve chosen to share your life with that will make you feel better.