Leo Daily Horoscope for June 2

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Those born under the sign of Leo usually have lots of sexual energy but these days you’ll be feeling down and unstable.

Your emotions won’t be positive and this will affect negatively your intimate encounters. It’s hard to feel sad and low and still be sexy, natural and easy.

It may happen to anyone, Leo. Don’t feel bad about it. If your partner really loves you, he/she will understand that it’s not always about sex. You can also spend the evening hugging each other and watching a romantic film wrapped up in a warm blanket and each other’s arms.

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If you have a family get-together, don’t get involved in arguments and discussions about national politics and economy; otherwise, you’ll end up fighting and won’t be able to come up with any solutions.  

Your views on the economic reality of your country have to do with your own reality and that’s hard to transfer. Therefore, if your brother or father-in-law lives in another reality, you shouldn't even begin to talk about these issues that distance the family instead of bringing it closer.

Leos are unbeatable. You always manage your economy with optimism and confidence. If fate plays a trick on you, you’ll be able to move forward with energy and spirit of a fire sign.


When you get some sad news, it’s normal that your spiritual foundations are shaken. This moment you realize that your world may change or disappear in a second. All your loved ones, your friends and family that make up your universe are so fragile and strong at the same time.

Don't get carried away by sadness thinking about what hasn't happened; it's not worth it. Enjoy love and affection of those who are still by your side and nourish your soul.