Leo Daily Horoscope for March 2

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It won’t be the best start of the day; however, the afternoon will surprise you with a possibility to travel or go on an adventure.

If you accept people’s suggestions, you’ll have a great time and learn new ways to carry on with your daily life. This journey could lead you to meet someone new who will impress you. If you’re in a relationship, be careful not to make a mistake.

Single Leos born in the first deanery will immediately hit it off with a gentle and attractive person.

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Great news for those born under your sign when it comes to money! Soon you’ll be able to solve that problem that has been bothering you lately.

From now on something will change. Stop worrying and face these changes with enthusiasm.

Avoid confrontations with people who were born under Earth signs, in particular with Virgos. They could cause discussions and unnecessary worries.

Your lucky number for today is 83. This number will show you how to achieve your goals and meet your financial needs.


Today there is a dangerous tendency to be overwhelmed by negative or obsessive thoughts. These thoughts won’t take you anywhere because they don’t provide solutions or peace. Try to observe them from a distance, live in the present moment, be grateful for life and don’t get mad at yourself.

Negative attitude will only lead you to melancholy and tension that will end up in headaches. Try to break free from this tendency by distracting your mind with an activity you like most. You could watch a movie or play a board game with friends, or maybe go for a walk to a place that you like.