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The moon bids farewell to the sign of Scorpio and passes to the charitable sign of fire, Sagittarius, and from that position promises you a very pleasant night in good company. Take advantage of this energy to reactivate your intimacy. Don’t let others interfere your relationship. Make sure everyone respects your limits.

If your mother-in-law or your brother/sister-in-law are intervening in your marriage, you have to be clear about how far they can go with their suggestions and comments. If you don’t say anything, sooner or later you’ll regret it.

If you’re one of those Leos who are single, you should avoid listening to the opinion of those friendswho, even if they have good intentions, always criticize your flirting attitude. You have to like the way you act, not them; don't forget it.

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Today you’ll have to act diplomatically. You’ll probably have to face someone who has made a big mistake in the past and you’ll have to turn a blind eye and keep your opinions to yourself. Don't worry, this time you’ll be benefited.

If you want to start a new project or change your job, the stars show great possibilities of success.

Don't waste your energy on unimportant matters. You have much to give and you must focus on your goals to reach them without much effort.

It’s about relying on your intelligence instead of effort. Remember that strategy is an important part of success.


You’ll feel wonderful. Your spiritual joy will help you release your emotions, that often keep you distracted and drain your energy needed for more productive issues.

You are learning to focus your mind on vibrating high, which will help you reach states of inner peace that will benefit your well-being.