Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today your tense emotions and thoughts will lead you to explore your deepest and unknown feelings.

If you feel like it, have a conversation with a family member. You’ll find shelter and affection in them, which will help you face your doubts and fears. You usually don’t express your feelings and this has led you to suffer in silence on various occasions. Today you’ll have a possibility to heal and restore joy from the inside out.

Younger Leos may go on an outing with their friends that will make them forget all their sadness.

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You feel a little depressed when you look back to your achievements. You thought you’d go further, but the time has shown that it’s harder than you thought.

Time and patience are something you have difficulty dealing with. You’re a fire sign and it makes you act on impulse. The fact that material matters sometimes delay and take more time than expected is something that spoils your mood.

However, it’s just the way it is, Leo. Don’t feel sad because it’s something natural. The flowers take time to bloom, more so become fruit. Be more patient and learn to wait for results with joy. Don’t be anxious, enjoy every moment.  


You’ll enjoy excellent health. Those born under the sign of Leo who have suffered from injuries or undergone surgeries will be favored to heal wounds, sutures and problems related to cuts or burns.

Scarring and tissue regeneration will be benefited today.

If you rest enough, eat food rich in vitamin A and act positively focusing your mind on healing and recovering your health, soon you’ll feel much better.