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The Moon in Virgo doesn’t favor love matters. You’ll be very critical of your partner,Leo. Do you think you have no defects? Today you’ll have to deal with the ruthless and sour part of your personality.

When you surprise yourself being too negative about your significant other, think about your imperfections. Remember that there is no such thing as perfection and that it’s impossible for you to like everything about your partner. However, love is merciful and can handle roughness and problems.

If you keep thinking about bad moments, not only you won’t be able to advance in your relationship, but also spoil your day and mood.  

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Today you’ll be willing to address the issues that have dragged on for years and didn’t let you think properly.

It is very important that you listen to that inner voice that asks you to organize your matters better to achieve a future projection and organization.

Today you could start by establishing priorities, discarding what is already useless and renewing professional or commercial contacts that have been forgotten or lost in time.

Focusing your mental energy on these issues will help you keep calm.


Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Remember that tattoos are for life. Although nowadays there are new expensive laser treatments to help remove them, the mark remains forever. Laser doesn’t eliminate the damage your skin will suffer.

Tattoos and especially colored inks can lead to various health problems such as allergies and infections.

Getting a tattoo always carries some health risks. Remember that they will last forever. If you're considering getting one, think twice. You may regret it over the years.