Leo Daily Horoscope for January 20

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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A soft coffee aroma will wake you up and you’ll appreciate the sensuality of perceiving aromas in your environment with your eyes closed.  Give in to curiosity and discover everything happening around you only by sharpening your sense of smell. 

Imagine how much perfume can mean in your love life. Whether you’re one of those people who are faithful to a single perfume or you have a different aroma in your cupboard for each occasion, revive your passion.

The aromas are very powerful and if you want you can spice up your relationship and revive fond memories wearing the same perfume as on the day you met or add a pinch of passion with the use of vanilla, cinnamon or grape fragrance among others. Go for it!

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Today you’ll find your wallet empty and you’ll have to use your credit card to make ends meet. Try to stay home and spend as little money as possible. You’ll soon get rid of this temporary bad luck. Actually, you’ll hardly notice it if you stay positive and in a good mood. 

Don’t forget how important mental energy is when looking forward to good results. Set yourself clear goals and don’t let your fears distract you.


Lately you’ve been feeling exhausted and less vital. Perhaps you’ve lost your focus or feel overwhelmed by the simplest daily tasks.

Today you’ll be able to regain your force, energy and optimism and face next week with strength and good health.

Sleep as much as you want, eat fresh fruit and home-cooked meals, drink plenty of fresh water and take a short walk in the nature; but above all, Leo, do things that you really love.