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It’ll be very useful to learn to protect your relationship from gossip. Not only it adds nothing positive but also harms your life as a couple.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Act with your heart. This way you’ll manage your intuition better and find the best ways of acting.

Those who have a commitment ahead of them will be challenged to emphasize the reasons they got involved in this situation. It isn’t always easy to recognize that you have doubts regarding your future. Maybe you think that there are better ways to go. It’s important to strengthen your love.

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Although those who work with you might not notice it, you well know that the only person you compete with is yourself. Every day you’re trying to overcome your own limits and be better at what you do.

It isn’t easy to deal with one's own demands. You often feel bad and can't talk to anyone about it because you’re afraid of being misunderstood. You don’t have to be so demanding of yourself, Leo. You’re fantastic! Planetary alignments warn you not to get too obsessed with perfection since it could lead you to anxiety and affect your overall health negatively.


In these times of changes, it’s important you learn to see life from another point of view. You can’t deal with things in the same way; every stage of your life is special. Your old ways may have become obsolete for your new reality.

It isn’t easy to adapt to novelties. Your body will ask you to go back to your old ways; therefore, you’ll have to make much more effort to change. However, it’ll be worth it, Leo. You’ll look and feel great!