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Today the Moon will be eclipsed in Leo and those born in the first deanery will be mostly affected. The Moon in Leo will make you feel hypersensitive and misunderstood, and dwell on things of the past.

You may not have all the information you need to judge the situation so it’s important to avoid arguments that will get you nowhere. The eclipse will affect everyone, but particularly Leo and Aquarius.

Therefore, avoid making drastic decisions today and get away from arguments and places that make you feel tense.

Try to take care of your relationship and wait a few days to change the direction.

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Mars in Aries will surprise you with a new job offer you’ve been waiting for.

The company you admire so much will be glad to welcome you if your cover letter has shown all your experience and skills. You sent it so long ago that you had already ruled out the possibility of being chosen. This challenge will make you feel scared to death but at the same time strong and happy.

Be humble and you’ll see that new possibilities will open up that will benefit you and bring professional success.


People face tense situations on a daily basis. What we have to do is change our attitude towards psyche and spirituality.

Good spiritual practices and our inner life are a powerful influence on physical and psychological health. Consider starting meditation if you haven't done it yet.

Meditation reduces stress and pain, improves self-esteem and clears your mind. Try to get to know yourself better and focus your energy on mindfulness, a technique that combines oriental-style techniques adapted to the modern Western lifestyle.