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It’s a perfect day to have a more committed attitude towards your relationship. If you’re one of those Leos who are about to move in with their partner, it’s a good day to have a conversation to establish agreements and clarify everything that has to do with common economy.

Financial matters don’t seem so important at first when you’re driven by romanticism. However, it’s essential that you both clarify and agree upon them.

Those who are married or have been living together for a long time will be visited by an elderly person who will cause trouble. Don’t despair, Leo. These transits will soon pass.

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Issues related to your economy and money, in general, will be an important topic of conversation and negotiation.

If you’re one of those Leos who are waiting for the news regarding loans or credits, it’s a good day to get back in touch with the responsible person. You’ll get the awaited answer.

You may miss an important opportunity if you don’t broaden your horizons and future visions. Don’t avoid growth. If you’re afraid to get stuck, you’ll approach your desired success steadily.

Your lucky number today is 47. This number invites you to get in touch with power of realization that comes from cooperation between your sensibility and intuition as well as your capacity to work with people with similar ideas.


Going out and having fun this afternoon will do you lots of good. Distract yourself from all the concerns you’ll have to face in the morning. Planetary aspects will bring taciturn energy that needs to be cleared.

A few laughs and simple conversations will improve your mood and prevent you from thinking about your obligations. This way you’ll be more motivated to take the necessary action.