Leo Magic Horoscope 6
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The position of Mercury and the presence of Venus in the sign of Libra will benefit you. Dialogue and tender words will help you open a new chapter in the story of your relationship.

Those Leos who are in love but haven’t found the courage to express their feelings yet may do so this Saturday. All the planets will be there to help you find the right words and be interpreted correctly. Your naturally sweet words will be difficult to resist.

If you need to clarify something with a family member, it’s a perfect day to do so. Try to go out with this person and talk in a place where you can enjoy a harmonious atmosphere without being interrupted. Have a coffee or go for a walk together.

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Now that your matters are perfectly organized, you can finally enjoy your achievements and the path you’ve taken.

Every person you come across will tell you that you’ve come so far for a reason.

Tidying up your home will free you from the clutter and old objects that drain your energy. If you have inherited junk, furniture or clothing that you don't use, give them away to someone in need so that these objects can be useful again.

What you give will come back to you multiplied by three. Trust in the abundance of life.


Once you clean out your home, you’ll see that the spaces will become more useful and you’ll be able to find a sacred place where you can place a picture of a saint or someone you believe in, some flowers or plants. You can turn that corner into the refuge of your soul. Today is a perfect day to find that place.