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People around you will be going through tough times and they’ll need your presence and support. Offer them your comfort and attention. Your heart is kind and you’ll find the right words.

If you’ve just started a new relationship, it’s important to keep the passion alive. This way your partner and you will be able to overcome problems and become closer to each other. Some people are likely to show their disagreement.

If you’re getting to know someone you like, let the bright star brought by Venus in the fire sign guide you. Show what you feel without pride and prejudice.

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Planetary alignments will favor those born under your sign today when it comes to matters related to money and work.

Leos born in the first deanery will be especially blessed by the sky and will find solutions to the problems they’ve been facing lately.

You’ll get some good news regarding your purchases or sealing a sales deal.

If you change your point of view towards money matters, new positive horizons will open up for you. A new business model or unknown technology could turn things around and benefit your money matters.

Your lucky number today is 144. This number will remind you how important it’s to look on the bright side and have positive intentions.


You’ll find new ways of taking care of your body that you’ll enjoy a lot. You’ll see how your efforts will be rewarded with a sensation of well-being, which will lead you to progress in the same direction.

Sports, meditation, positive visualizations and changes in your diet are things you couldn’t have imagined in the past, but now little by little you’re effortlessly making them a part of your life.