Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Friday the night full of stars will illuminate you with pink lights of love.

Let your imagination fly and get in touch with your sensibility; you won’t regret it. Whatever you give today will come back to you tomorrow. Your generosity, when it comes to giving and surrendering to passion, will lead to more love from your partner than you have ever imagined.

Have you ever heard of Tantra? Perhaps you could investigate since much of what you already intuitively know is related to this traditional and ancient Hindu art.

If there is someone in your circle of friends or family who interferes in your relationship and makes you feel bad criticizing you, stay away from that person for as long as possible. You don't need to lower your spirits now that you're in your glory.

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Don’t lose control when you go out. Today's planetary alignments could lead you to compulsive money spending and shopping. You’ll feel enthusiastic and more positive than ever. You’ll believe that everything is possible and that nothing can affect you.

You should think about your future. Times are changing. Don’t spend money on stuff you don’t really need. Later you don’t know what to do with those things and they end up in the storeroom.

Today your lucky number is 112. This number describes completeness. Follow its track to find abundance, Leo.


Today you’ll be full of energy and vitality. There’s nothing else you need to feel alive and fulfilled. Your luck is not accidental; you’ve attracted it with your positive thinking. A big part of the magic lies in your ability to believe that good things are awaiting you

Take advantage of your good health to become aware and thank every part of your body for its good functioning.