Leo Daily Horoscope for January 22

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If you have a partner and you both feel that stability is a base pillar in your relationship, enjoy the treasures of living together. You shouldn’t let anyone no matter how close to you generate conflicts between you and your significant other.

You often trust and open up about your intimacies to someone who isn’t going to do anything else but take advantage of it against you. When you talk to people and tell them about your worries and concerns, pay more attention to their body language in order to detect their intentions.

If you’re single, this afternoon answer your ex’s calls, he/she needs your proximity and affection. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the reason you’ve separated and give it another try?

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Today Jupiter promises great things to those born under the Leo sign. You’ll feel very confident and touched by the magic wand of your fairy godmother.

Throughout the day you’ll be able to solve problems that have been worrying you regarding payments and commitments that affect your family life.

Don’t let your luck run out. Carry a small cloth sack with some pink salt in your bag. Remember that lucky charms must be soaked with your energy to be effective. 


Your health requires your commitment today. You can't stop the treatments you've been undergoing and believe they're going to be just as effective. Remember to consciously continue the methods, take medications and actions required by that treatment you have already begun.

It’s all about you, Leo. It's for your own good and it's a commitment you’ve made to yourself. There’s no way you can skip the routines and believe that it’ll change nothing. It’s a perfect day to start taking better care of your health. Love and cherish yourself.