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Although no one can go back in time, you could if you wanted to start your love story all over again.

Listen to the voice of your heart and don't reject that person who has made a mistake but has got the courage to ask you for forgiveness and bow his/her head looking for your blessing. Would you do something like that? For those born under your sign it’s hard to apologize or recognize when they’re wrong. It could be one of your worst faults. You are not divine, Leo, perfection doesn’t exist.

If you feel devastated, lost and don’t know what to do, ask your guardian angel for help and guidance at this crossroads. It’s a perfect day to connect with spirituality.

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You could take advantage of the intuition brought to you by the planetary alignments today. The sun has entered the friendly sign of fire, Aries, and it will help you deal with the issues that you’ve abandoned two or more months ago.

Don’t be afraid to take part in a community business or a wholesale purchase. Today the stars advise you to cooperate with others in order to achieve the goals of your dreams.

Leos tend to be at the forefront of social trends. Your heart throbs when you’re dreaming of a happier world in harmony with the earth.

Open a new page in your life. Being different doesn’t mean you are the black sheep; you can become the star that guides a new path.


You’ll be in a good health and feel very energetic and stimulated. You’ll have high amounts of sexual energy and you may sublimate your sexual impulses toward physical exercise. Otherwise, you could feel a little aggressive and impetuous.

Swimming or aquatic fitness are the most recommended activities for those born under your sign.