Virgo Magic Horoscope 7
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The moon will enter the zone of your zodiac that corresponds to your inner life; therefore, you’ll have a thoughtful Sunday.

You’ll be eager to spend some time on your own in silence lost in your thoughts. Memories of the past will take over your inner-self.

On such an introspective day you have to be positive so that you can get rid of melancholy which doesn’t let you open up and enjoy new experiences.

You might feel that you and your partner go in different directions and that he/she doesn’t integrate into your life even if you spend time together. You’re going through a stage of estrangement, but there’s nothing to worry about, it’ll soon pass.  

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Your conditions at work are not satisfactory and you may be eager to change them or the way you perform your tasks.

A very serious and authoritarian person might be about to offer you an interesting job that would double your earnings.

However, you’ll have to evaluate new variables. Leave your subjectivity behind and look into every detail relying on your intelligence and analytical capacity. It’ll be the best way to find an optimal future.

A friend is the best support you currently have; therefore, you can propose him/her a great idea to earn some extra money next week.


You must learn to let go of the control that does not allow you to feel true emotions in your heart. Being cold won’t help you reach psychological well-being.

Try to deepen your relationship with the divine and get in touch with your spiritual part. Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with your higher self.