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The moon in the cold sign of Capricorn will put you down and you’ll find it hard to express your emotions. It may be one of those days when everything seems cloudy. The person you love and want to share your life with has stabbed you in the back with his/her demoralizing words.

Don’t let it ruin your mood. Remember that if you can dream it, you can do it. There’s nothing you can’t achieve with your willpower and action.

Wipe away your tears; you’ll be able to see more clearly.

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The capacity Leos have at work is immense, especially those born in the second deanery.

Today you’ll be good at everything. You’ll organize your day and accomplish your objectives easily. However, this will only be possible if you don’t allow anyone to bother and distract you.  

Don’t let anyone interfere with your issues. Don’t get distracted by people’s bad news or useless criticism. Remember that there’s always someone who’s trying to spread negativity around and you don’t have to be there to absorb it.

Today your lucky number is 101. This number symbolizes abundance and renovation of things. Use this number to meditate on your money matters.


Plastic surgery is fashionable. All your acquaintances have modified their appearance or are thinking of doing so soon and this tempts you. However, think if you really need this to be happy. Will looking younger or more beautiful make you happier?

Many people suffer injuries due to these practices and others look so bad after undergoing such an intervention that they regret it. Think twice about it.