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You may be very romantic when you want to. The true nature of your sign is affectionate and festive. You are unable to get angry at people if they show love and goodwill. This knowledge will lead the person you love to give his/her best.

Don’t let inconsiderate people embitter your party! It’s time to show your affection and defend what’s yours.

The moon in the fiery sign of Aries will benefit all Leos and especially those born in the second deanery. You’ll be blessed by the Universe and you’ll learn to value its favors. Thanks to the stars, many of your wishes will come true!

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Your plans will turn into success if you do your best and give all your energy and joy. Don’t let fear or doubts take over you when you present your ideas to others.

Focus your attention on what really matters since you may be very distracted today. It’ll be hard not to lose track of your matters and obligations.

If necessary, lock yourself up in a room until you have finished everything you have set out to do.

The lucky number for Leos today is 11. This number is associated with the Tarot card called Strength or The Enchantress. It’ll give you power and strength and guide you through the paths that lead you to achieve your goals.


This afternoon you may feel a little discomfort. However, there’s nothing to worry about. The moon in the sign of Aries is responsible for your ailments related to the head and forehead. You may be affected by headaches and neuralgias. If you relax, the symptoms will soon reduce.