Leo Daily Horoscope for April 24

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Your intuition will play an important role and inspire you to express your feelings in a different way. Today could be a perfect day to show your love by writing a poem or drawing a picture. Don’t be afraid to show what you’ve done; you won’t be judged.

These planetary alignments will also have an influence on your sex life. You’ll feel very sensual and perceptive regarding your special person’s feelings and needs.

Don’t rule out the possibility of a magic love encounter; you’re definitely worth it and you’ll know how to take advantage of this deep and fascinating get-together.

Single Leos have to pay attention to someone who is admiring them in silence and wants to get to know them better.  

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Sometimes when things seem to fall apart, they’re actually going back to their place. That’s why you’ll have mixed feelings today. You’ll lose some money but at the same time people will pay off their debts to you.

You will feel proud to be able to advance in matters that kept you behind. Planetary alignments show the possibility of getting a loan or an increase in your salary or income. Soon you’ll have a possibility of investing in a business that promises you economic growth.

It’s a great idea to seek advice from someone responsible who you trust. They could pass on their experience and knowledge to you.


It’s time to breathe deeply and have more patience. This way you’ll avoid getting furious, which you may regret later. This is a very positive astral moment for your general health. However, your impatience could lead you to problems. Any problem, no matter how little, makes you very nervous and other people's interventions detonate your nerves. This tension will soon go away, but you must learn to manage it before it becomes a problem.