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Leos born in the first deanery will enjoy their new astral year with all its benefits. You’ll have lots of energy and the festive and joyful atmosphere will fill your heart with promises of a better future.

The Moon in the fire sign will bring lots of joy to your environment thanks to the prevailing emotional understanding. Your loved ones will show their love for you in different ways.

You don’t have to speak so that people understand how you feel. This will bring you lots of happiness. After everything you’ve been through lately, you deserve more joy and relaxation.

Single Leos will meet someone who will seem to be their love from a past life or another world. It’ll be very exciting to share your future vision together.

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When you have a positive attitude towards problems, everything changes. There are different ways to face your current situation. The way you decide to tackle your issues will be paramount in shaping your future.

You won’t have difficulties if you follow your heart and make it work together with your mind.

Don’t accept mean people in your life. Those who have no kindness and thoughtful regard for others will have to step aside.

It’ll be a very positive day. Once you solve the conflict, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Stay with those who act correctly and follow their ideals.


Take care of yourself because the Moon in Aries could lead you to hit your head and suffer from neuralgias and toothaches. You might not notice it, but you possibly clench your jaws or grind your teeth while sleeping or sitting in a bad posture at work. Pay attention to your positions and the pain will go away.