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Your relationship will be enriched in all possible senses. Your emotions will be stimulated by imagination and creativity. You could release your pent up emotions and experience new sensations talking to someone who is very close to you.

There’s nothing wrong with showing your weakness. Acting strong all the time is a big mistake. Don’t break down alone; reveal your true feeling to a person you love and you’ll become even closer.

Younger Leos are going through a learning process regarding their sex life and experimentation. They’ll be willing to discover parts of themselves they didn’t know existed.

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You’ll be offered a possibility to increase your income. The stars will help those born under your sign to have a brilliant future.

You could unexpectedly bump into a powerful person in the street that you have lost contact with. He/she may offer give a unique opportunity. If this happens to you, you’ll have to show how much you have to offer.

Don’t stop working on your creativity. If you abandon this part of your life, you may become a sad person. Keep in mind that Leos are more dynamic than other signs and need to shine in order to progress. Your integrity depends on your creativity and self-revelation.


You’ll feel great thanks to the stars which will fill you with positive energy and vitality. The moon in water sign could make you feel very sensitive and even invaded by a prophetic spirit. Don’t be carried away by heated disputes or negative impulses. There is a lot of negativity in people in general and you could get involved in a street fight or an accident. If you drive, do it very carefully as Mercury is still retrograde.