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You’ve been maturing and now you understand some of your reactions when it comes to relationships. You’ll start this week with a new point of view.

In the evening the influence of the moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius will lead you to a form of bond with your sensuality and firmness in pursuit of your ideals. You’ll feel like sharing the ideas you have about the future.

Your awakening in heart matters is fantastic and influences your life positively. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised by your signs of affection. You’ll surrender to your desire for intimacy and express what you feel with your body.

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The atmosphere at work will heat up. Your workmates will be bad-tempered and you won’t be willing to be a part of this toxic environment. You should try to work in a different way today. Maybe you can take a part of your work home or find another place where you wouldn’t be affected by other people’s negative energy.

At the moment your own energy is quite decreased and you don’t easily tolerate people with low vibrations. If you can't avoid this situation, look for a lucky charm that goes with your lifestyle. You could wear a Turkish eye, St. Benedict medal or perhaps Fatima's hand.

All three are very efficient for repelling bad energies.


Resting is the key to enjoy good health today. And it’s not only the amount of time you can rest but also the quality of it. When you don’t have a break, you make bad decisions and act without taking proper care of yourself. Bad rest prevents you from discharging negative energy that you’ve accumulated in your body and mind.

Don’t steal hours of sleep, go to bed early.