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Your heart is crying out for new emotions and passion. Every time you turn your gaze you see boredom everywhere because you know all the issues that you have to deal with, words that will be pronounced and ways to put off problem solving for tomorrow.

One of these days will be indicated in the almanac as the day of the final judgment. But don’t despair, this day won’t be today. However, do you really want to continue this suffocating relationship which makes you so unhappy?

Try to talk it over with a friend who knows you well.

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Don’t go for novelties today; it could badly affect your business interests.

You don’t have to believe in witches but today you’ll perceive bad vibes from someone next to you. Every time this person will approach you, your matters will be overshadowed. Some people have dark and tense energy, which may actually be unintentional. Even so, you should take care of yourself and protect yourself from these malicious energies.

Get natural herbal incense and perfume your body, home and office. You could use lignum vitae, rue, sage, lavender, myrrh or rosemary. There are different plants that can help you get rid of all that negative energy you perceive.


Your appearance says a lot about you and although some may call you egocentric or vain today, you’ll be busy taking care of yourself to look better.

Your inner world is very important and lately you’ve been doing a great job in terms of your spiritual growth and psychological maturity. However, this Friday it’ll be all about improving your image in the mirror.

We can’t forget that our face and body are the first things people see in us when we meet them, so in order to feel better about yourself, dedicate some time and money today to your appearance, Leo.