Magical Horoscope 7
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Venus and Mercury in the area of secrets and your inner world may bring you messages from other worlds or from the world of your dreams.

You’re very lucky in love, and this helps you follow your heart. Not everybody can do what their heart tells them. You belong to the group of the brave and fortunate ones.

However, you are starting a new cycle, and that enables you to start from scratch if that’s what you need. Your joy of living will save you from falling into negativity. If you feel that your relationship is dying and it makes no sense to get on with it, it’s a good moment to end it and take a new direction.

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Money is energy, and when you don’t know how to keep it flowing, it decays.

If you need money, you’ll have to vibrate positive energy and try to attract it. Thinking about lack and misfortunes won’t help. Money won’t come to you if you stay negative. However, if you feel abundant in spite of the current situation, you’ll find solutions to your problems.

If you believe that the way you think has no influence on the course of events, you’re wrong. Stay positive and prosperity will come to you.

Your lucky number today is 22. This number in the tarot represents destiny; it’s associated with your fire element and symbolizes wisdom.


Your energy will be in its optimal balance. It’s a good day to tidy up your home. Remember that the outer order reflects the inner peace and vice versa. Organizing your closet will help you clear your mind. You may have old papers that you don’t need any more or clothes you no longer like. Getting rid of them you’ll create space in your home and in your mind.