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If you’ve been feeling sad and melancholic, today you can shake off those feelings that lead you nowhere and start vibrating with joy ad hope since the early morning. When you leave home, you’ll see that people won’t be able to take their eyes off you, Leo. You’ll have high vibrations and look hypnotic.

It's time to meet and make up with people that seemed lost forever. You won’t regret giving a new opportunity to your past relationship.Love will take the reins of your heart again and will lead you to a path of glory if you allow it.

Don’t act in a self-indulgent or extravagant way when you approach people.

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 A new situation will make you think about changing your job or activity. You’ll be curious about exploring new disciplines that you’ve always found attractive.

The retrograde position of the planet that governs movements and trade will motivate you to take some time to think and weaken your desire to act on impulses. You’ll have a possibility to weigh all the pros and cons of the activity you have in mind. Remember that your tendency to idealism has often deceived you.

The lucky number for Leos today is 101. This number is an indicator of change and transformation that leads to abundance and numerous possessions and virtues.


You’ll have to be especially careful with your movements since you’ll be prone to blows or cuts. Those born under the sign of Leo are now going through quadrature of Mars that is responsible for their susceptibility to physical damage.

You'll have to be calmer, especially when handling tools and driving.

Try to find inner peace; you’ll be safer this way.