Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today you’ll spend all morning worrying about the way you look. Venus in the sun will affect you negatively and make you focus on your reflection in the mirror. It’s impossible to feel good about yourself if you see yourself from obsessive and sickly point of view.

Instead of having a conversation with people, you may focus on talking about yourself and not hear anything others will have to tell you.

In the evening, you might get a proposal to start a relationship.

Are you sure you can trust this person?

Magic Horoscope warns you about an astral tendency that could lead you to be the victim of cheating or emotional deception. Don’t let dreams and flattery carry you away. You could fall into heartless people’s traps.

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You’ll be entangled in gossip and bad intentions. Words you’ve said will be repeated and interpreted in the worst way to harm your reputation.

It’s quite common to take advantage of personal matters to put down those who are a threat to other colleagues.

Your efficiency makes others envious and that’s why they want to harm you. You’ll feel betrayed but at the same time you’ll learn an important lesson: from now on you won’t share your intimacy with anyone except you loved ones.

To liberate the bad energies and restore your balance you could have a relaxing bath. Boil three litters of water and add laurel leaves and lavender. Use that water for a rinse after your normal shower.


Your health will be generally good; however, planetary aspects show low energy and tiredness. Get rid of the bad energy around you and the sun will come out again.