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You’ll hear rumors of lies and deception against you. Don’t let them affect you. These people don’t even know you, much less appreciate you.

Someone will stand up for you and defend you without you having to do anything about it. Let it be. The stars are on your side. Jupiter, the planet of justice, will put everything in its place.

Love overcomes hate and fear. When it’s all over, you’ll feel stronger and more loved.

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If you owe money to a person or business and you are able to repay that debt, do it as soon as possible. You’ll avoid headaches and worries. It could end up in bigger problems for you and your family if you forget that commitment.

Remember how much you appreciated these people trusting you. Closing the circle of shortage, which has led you to ask a third person for help, is essential to start a prosperous stage in your life.

Today the lucky number for those born under the Leo sign is 91. It warns you not to act on impulse but from your inner consciousness.


The orientation of the stars predicts that Leos today will be affected more than usually by the environmental conditions and pollution. So beware of contamination, smoke or solvent paint fumes. Try to stay out of the urban areas with traffic congestion and pollution.

Remember that more than 90 percent of the global population is breathing in high levels of pollutants. It’s difficult to avoid it, but not impossible.

Drink plenty of fluids and go to parks or gardens to enjoy a breath of fresh air.