Leo Daily Horoscope for June 26

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The Moon in the sign of Aries will bring you the possibility to spend a passionate day. Words won’t be necessary and you’ll know everything your partner wants to experience.

You don’t usually experiment with sexual positions. You prefer your life to be comfortable and rewarding which involves sticking to the routine. However, sometimes you have to let yourself go and accept other’s proposals no matter how crazy they may seem. It’s very daring to have an intimate encounter in the toilet of a train but it can be a lot of fun and give a refreshing touch to your relationship.

If you’re single, don’t reject someone just because they come from a very different social background. You’ll definitely enjoy new forms of relationship.

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Everything has its time and you’re about to achieve what you’ve dreamed of. Don’t give up now and put all your energy and time into it.

Take advantage of every opportunity that you have as if it were the last one. Hang on to new business proposals or a promotion at work. These changes will lead you to new paths of abundance.

If you want to invest in new technologies, make sure you get some professional advice. Don’t make mistakes which you’ll later regret, such as not having invested in something more important.   


The planetary alignment shows that you’re experiencing unique vitality. You have the energy of a small child. The only thing that could overshadow your day is a small domestic accident due to your energy outburst.

Watch your way and move slowly and calmly in order to avoid tripping over and injuring yourself.