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You may be very possessive and jealous today. Don’t be carried away by this attitude because you could get hurt. No one wants to be harassed by the ghost of betrayal. If you have this attitude towards people you love, even the most patient ones will run away eventually.

Use your intelligence to counteract the fire of your sign that can make you act thoughtlessly.

Single Leos shouldn’t get so obsessed with the person they like. Your curiosity to know everything about their life, what things they like and where they are at all times could cause you trouble. 

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You've got a great day ahead of you at work. The issues you’ve been dealing with are bearing fruit and you’ll be very effective and professional. You’ll hear words that will reinforce this vision of yourself and your pride, Leo.

However, don't get overconfident as Mercury will continue in retrograde for a few more days and may cause you some problems with your computer. Make a full backup of all files and folders, if you haven’t done it yet, in order to save information or works that are important to you. Imagine how long it would take you to restore everything that could be lost if your computer was infected by a virus.


The cosmic influence will help you feel very vital and energetic. It’s impressive what you’ll be able to do today without getting tired. You’ll be stronger than Samson and you’ll work until late feeling fresh and awake. However, don’t go too far since it can take a toll on your health. Working too much may lead to increased risk of heart disease, poor sleep and other consequences.

Have a short rest in the afternoon. Relax your mind and slow your thoughts listening to soft music on the sofa while drinking sage or mint tea. It’ll work wonders with you.