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Life often rewards you with moments of tenderness and passion and today will be one of those days when you receive the blessing of the gods.

Don’t be on the defensive side; otherwise, you could miss out on kisses and caresses. Understanding your partner’s flaws is another sign of love.

Today is the moment to shine and give your best. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity.

Love is the energy that will save you from sadness and heal all your wounds. Give yourself permission to explore new feelings fearlessly. Don’t worry about what others might say.  

Your life belongs only to you, Leo. Don’t let anyone interfere in your relationships.

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Your business is running smoothly. Your financial situation is balanced and you feel at ease about your economy and your near future.

Planetary aspects support any projection into the future; therefore, it’s an excellent time to make business plans.

If you have a chance to get in touch with potential partners or investors, it’s a perfect day to develop your ideas and seek alliances that could help you make your dreams come true.

The stars show that you may have some unexpected expenses due to a broken object at home that you’ll have to repair.


You’ll be prone to environmental allergies and hay fever. Planetary energies may make you feel weaker and more susceptible to these ailments.

Lemonade with ginger would do you lots of good. Lemon will reinforce your immune system and help you fight allergies and colds due to its vitamins and antioxidants.

Don’t worry, Leo. Magic horoscope assures you that this aspect is temporary and tomorrow you’ll feel much better.