Leo Daily Horoscope for April 27

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Today you’ll be able to break ties with the past that kept you hanging in midair. You’ve spent a long time waiting for that person’s reactions and depending on his/her actions. Don’t let anyone waste your time. Live in the moment and don’t let your feelings take you back to the past that’s gone.

Single Leos may see their reflection in the eyes of a person that will shake their world. The moon from your opposite sign will lead you to experience a different romance from what you are used to.

Experiencing different relationships will open your heart and mind, which will be a big step forward for you. Roles should not always be played the old-fashioned way.

Discovering other ways will positively affect your life in all its dimensions.

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You’ve had too much work this week and it’s time to rest. However, it might be impossible. Planetary alignments show continuous activity for Leos.

Don’t despair. Maybe this afternoon you can go away and spend some time in the nature, take a weekend trip to rural environment with someone special.

You’re about to receive some transcendental information about what abundance means to you. The planetary aspects show a profound transformation in your believes regarding money and prosperity.

Your lucky gem today is smoky quartz. This gem blocks all negative vibrations directed at you. It purifies and protects you.


You’ll feel a little tired but if you intend to rest, you will be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to recover. If you have a nap or lie down to read a book or watch a movie, you’ll have lots of energy at night to enjoy a walk or going out with your friends.