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Today will be a magical day when it comes to love. Your charm won’t go unnoticed by certain people who will fall at your feet.

Pay attention to people around you, Leo. You’re so immersed in your matters that you don’t notice someone very special next to you who could make you touch the sky if you start going out with him/her.

Take advantage of your inner wisdom to find the place deep inside you which hides the love for yourself.

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Someone may be hiding some very valuable information for your professional progress. Looking into this matter will help you avoid losses and conflicts in your workplace.

Don’t be afraid to get to the bottom of this issue; otherwise, you’ll regret it. Leos don’t like dirty games. In order to defend your territory ferociously, you have to get to know your enemy first.

It won’t be an easy day when it comes to money and budgets. However, don’t worry; it’s all temporary. Soon the clouds will clear up and your financial situation will improve.

Your lucky number today is 21. This figure symbolizes triumph and creativity. In Tarot, it’s the last card of the Major Arcana which refers to material and emotional success and shows that life can be a complete joy.


If you find it difficult to conceive and your pregnancy fears disrupt your sleep, you should pay a visit to a specialist and follow their advice on the best treatment.

However, it’s essential that you find your inner peace first.

The moon in the sign of Cancer influences hormonal cycles and body fluids and you may notice its effects.