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This person you’re so attracted to will involve you in a very troublesome situation. If you want to be in such a complicated relationship, you should tread carefully.

Leos who are in a relationshipwill have a feeling that their partner is cheating on them or hiding things from them. Perhaps you feel there’s a secret that you should unveil.

Be careful, Leo. If you get too paranoid and damage your relationship, it’ll take a long time to regain your lost well-being.

You’ll connect to your sexual energy at night. Don’t waste your precious time arguing.

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You’ll feel very energetic; take advantage of it when dealing with issues that could bring you abundance and new opportunities. Don't get distracted by matters that don't concern you.

Your leadership qualities and problem solving skills are now at their best, take advantage of your power to develop ideas that have been on your mind for some time.

Life shows you all the possibilities you would have at your fingertips if you knew how to let go of the past and your fears.

Astrological aspects today will help you deal with the issues that you had mishandled in the past. Everything happens for a reason, Leo. You should take advantage of the situations you’re going through, even if they’re different from the ones who have imagined.

Your lucky number today is 97. This number suggests you should trust your intuition.


The stars have great news for you regarding health. Chronic pain you’ve been suffering from will begin to subside thanks to a new natural treatment that you will soon find out about.

Your muscular back pain will diminish when you combine gentle exercise with other guidelines that your doctor will recommend. You’ll receive healing energies and the Cosmos will favor regeneration of tissues and joints.