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Today will be a beautiful day and you’ll feel calm and confident. All the energy you’ve invested in your relationship will be rewarded with countless caresses and sweet words. The stars are with you and they’ll guide you towards the consolidation of your relationship.

You may be offered a chance to travel or go away together, which will fill your heart with joy.

Try to be tender, loving and careful with your reactions. Use your thoughts to create love and harmony, Leo.

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If you wish, you may go shopping in the end of season sale and land the best bargains to renew your wardrobe with classy style outfits that you need so much. A wardrobe full of positivity attracts good vibes of abundance.

Your clothes should be neat and clean; they also should be yours and not borrowed. You shouldn’t accept garments that have already been worn by other people because they attract vibrations of people who have worn them before. That could drag you to energetic poverty, misery or energy attacks that weren’t meant for you.

Wear light-colored clothes that attract positive energies.

Your lucky numbers today are 67, 45 and 81.


You'll be tempted to neglect the effort you've been making when it comes to your diet. Don’t give in to the temptation to eat junk food that affects your health. It’s mostly Sunday lunches and dinners that tempt you to lose control and eat unhealthy food.

It's hard to sit at a table where fried food, industrial pastry, refined sugar and fats are all over and ignore them.

Imagine how good it would be if you managed to persuade your family to eat more healthy. You could try by swapping some of these delicious but unhealthy dishes for healthier alternatives.