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In the afternoon you’ll be taken over by supernatural emotions. Extreme sensitivity, which you usually try to avoid, will invade you.

Don’t try to deny what you feel, Leo; crying with emotion will come out naturally. The memories of happy moments will take you to the past when life seemed to be different.

If you miss you ex-partner, try to remember why you split up to compensate for this melancholy. Remember everything that used to annoy you about him/her. This is the best way to avoid trying to get back with a person that isn’t worth it.    

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Mars won’t be on your side today and you may find out who your secret enemies are. So far you haven’t trusted that person and you’ve had a feeling he/she isn’t someone you can lean on. People who will turn out to be your enemies will make your day bitter.

You’ll be able to manage this situation if you rely on your best conditions and virtues. Don’t pay any attention to the surrounding energy; otherwise, you could lose all the impetus overwhelmed by disillusionment.

This is no time to get sentimental. Focus all your attention on solving your professional problems. You’ll have time to process these attitudes of false friends later.

It's time to get down to work and show how much you can do.


Life isn’t always merry, and if you let your emotions take over you, you may have a very bad day.

When sadness carries you away, your immune system gets weaker. Take good care of yourself and avoid catching a cold or flu, since you’ll be prone to infections. Wash your hands often and avoid cold temperatures.