Leo Magic Horoscope 5
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It’s a perfect Friday for sensual love. The planetary alignment will benefit your sexuality. If it’s not you who is feeling horny, you’ll be turned on by your partner. If you’re single, you’ll get an offer that will stir up your passion.

You may feel that the person you’re with is too straightforward or going too fast.  If you’d like him/her to act more romantically, rely on communication, and express your needs fearlessly. Dialogue is the key when it comes to sharing your intimate life.

When it comes to friendship, beware of friends who don’t celebrate your success. An envious friend may be worse than an enemy.

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The offers you’ll make to your superiors or customers today will have a very positive effect. Your skills and your courage will help you achieve your desired goals.

If you’re planning to travel or move house, the stars will be on your side and help you in every step.

If you’re about to go on holiday or take a break, you deserve it, Leo. You’ve worked very hard to meet all your obligations, and now it’s time to reward yourself with a trip.

If you’re one of these Leos who are looking for a job, today is a good day to send out your CVs and cover letters to possible future employers.


It’s Friday, and you probably need to rest. Your body and mind are two valuable tools to carry out the objectives of the soul, but if you overuse the available energy, it’ll run out. Therefore, you should take breaks while working so your vitality has a chance to regenerate.

If you’re about to start medical treatment, planetary aspects show a very positive outcome. You’ll receive good news regarding medical tests.