Leo Daily Horoscope for April 28

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Today you’ll be mentally and spiritually connected with the person you love and who loves you back. There is no greater treasure than knowing you are loved, and you’ll honor this feeling this Sunday by giving your best and making this day as perfect as possible for everyone who’ll get in touch with you.

It will no longer be about getting stuck in matters of your ego because you’ll understand that it’s better to ignore the actions of some people who are determined to be unhappy and follow your own path.

Surrender to the joy of sharing and have a great time with your family. These moments will be very special to the little ones. It’ll be an unforgettable afternoon.

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You may get a surprise that you won’t find funny related to your monthly expenses. You thought you had everything under control but a call on your phone or an email in your mailbox will reveal a debt you thought you’ve already paid off.

Don’t despair. You’ll probably be able to pay it in installments and it won’t be the end of the world.

Sunday is a perfect day to cleanse your home of negative energy. It takes very little time and brings lots of benefits. The smoke will blow any negative energy away. White sage, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, laurel, mugwort and rosemary may help cleanse your space and energy field from the negativity that could obstruct the flow of material abundance in your life.


Excessive alcoholic beverages are harmful to health. They deteriorate liver, pancreas and your mental health. But don't think that a glass of red wine will do you harm; on the contrary, red wine is good for your cardiovascular health if consumed in moderation. If you’re going to take part in a get-together today, allow yourself to have a glass of wine.