Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


You may be easily misunderstood since the stars will lead you to confuse the words. You’ll have to be careful when talking about your needs and worries with your partner. Otherwise, you could be misinterpreted.

You have enough experience in this area so you should no longer suffer from these problems. Learn to wait and put out your inner fire. Rushing towards your dreams will be useless and only make others distrust you.   

Leos who have been single for a while could break the monotony and go out to meet new people in cultural environments, cinema, theater, workshops…

Choose the activity you like most to go out and socialize. You have to free yourself from loneliness you’ve been trapped in.

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Take advantage of the day to manage your payments and review the deadlines. Mercury is in a related sign facilitating the organization of your affairs that require order. Communications are favored so that those born in the first deanery could make contact with people who will favor them when it comes to sales or job interviews.

It’s a good day to look for a new job.

Cosmic dynamics will help you take care of issues related to debt payments. Soon you’ll solve your financial problems.


When it comes to health, the positive aspects of the Sun, your ruling planet, will protect you and give you abundant energy and vitality.

However, don't let that excess energy lead you to an outburst that could end up in a domestic accident. Be careful not to hit your head or burn your hands in the kitchen.

Control your vitality and move consciously doing one thing at a time.