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Your partner needs your support today. He/she’ll be very glad to know that you’re there for him/her no matter what. Your significant other is going through a rough patch; he/she may be carrying the burden of responsibility or failure.

Leo, today the starts suggest you show more love and empathy than ever. Show your partner your support with words and actions that will boost his/her self-esteem and reveal your true inner beauty.

Single Leos may expect a visit or a call by someone who secretly loves them.

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Don’t overspend today. You tend to make mistakes when working out your earnings. Think twice before buying that expensive thing that you want so much. You’d better wait until more money hits your account.

Try to remember what your ancestors used to say about saving and managing your money. When you save up, you’re closer to fulfilling some of your dreams. On the other hand, if you spend more than you earn, you’ll feel awful and stuck. Overspending will definitely affect your progress towards your goals.


Remember to wash your hands because today you’ll be especially prone to infectious diseases. Wash your hands conscientiously, using soap and rubbing your hands, palm to palm, vigorously for at least twenty seconds.

Hands carry more than a hundred germs a day. When you touch doorknobs, coins, bills or greet someone, your hands collect viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Germs are invisible and even if your hands look clean at first sight, they can be very dirty if you’ve been outside, touched garbage or caressed a pet.