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You’re willing to be happy in the simplest or the most complicated way.

What really matters is that you’re able to free your inner-self. You have to develop the part of your personality that you’ve been hiding due to the disagreements in your family lately.

The youngest Leos will be suffering the most in this situation. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the affection you feel and develop a conversation-starting from there.

The planet of love Venus will enter your sign today. Take advantage of its energy to improve your mood and reach your affective goals. Leos born in the first deanery will be especially benefited. You’ll feel lighter, more attractive and more comfortable with your circumstances.

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The stars will surprise you with a very special and pleasant birthday present.

Various planets entering your sign will bring you exciting offers that may lead you to increase your economic assets. It may be a new job, a promotion or a better job offer. And you’ll have numerous magical possibilities in your immediate environment.

You’ll meet various people in the following days. Pay attention to them and their words since they may have the key to wonderful things coming into your life which will be difficult to notice as they may come disguised.


Your energy will be optimal. However, you run the risk of being carried away by the desire to binge eat without thinking about the consequences. It’s not easy to resist sweet and copious meals when partying with your friends and family. You may gain weight easily but you’ll never lose your elegance. Moderation will be your best ally today.