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The Moon in the friendly sign of Aries will be very positive for you. Make the most of this fire energy that will help you vibrate with a more optimism, and this way, attract people you want.

Leo, you know better than anyone else that ego feeds on praise and love. And that's why you'll be looking for ways to connect with that person who wants you in his/her life. This will be a healthy exchange: love for love and praise for flattery.

Nothing lasts forever and it’s important that today you shake off that melancholy that you’ve been dragging for a long time and which has interfered with your happiness.

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It’s a perfect day to make future plans. Stars show a possibility to have a fruitful conversation with potential partners. However, don't rush, because there are planets that are retrograde and mark a period of planning and evaluation of your structures.

It’s time to reflect and think how you can carry out your plans in the best and most convenient way.

The best companies haven’t become successful in a day. Development takes a long time; therefore, be patient and focus on important details to achieve success.


Heart, the central life organ, is a weak point of almost all Leos.Heart is similar to the Sun, which is the regent of your sign and gives life to our planet.

Therefore, you must get rid of bad habits that affect your heart negatively. Reducing your intake of salt and quitting smoking are two main changes that you’ll have to make in order not to get ill in the future.