Leo Magic Horoscope 6
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Mercury is in the romantic sign of Libra next to the queen of love Venus. Both planets are fast-moving and will attract very beautiful days filled with harmonious relationships.

Sincere dialogue will be the key. Try to listen and understand what others feel, and think about what you could do to improve your relationship.

Those Leos who are currently single may be introduced to someone special by their brother, sister, cousin or classmate. Someone very close wants to spend more time with you, Leo.

When you feel comfortable, you’re the life of the party. You seduce people with your conversations and intelligent ideas.

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There is some good news for you, Leo! A person you trust will share a secret with you. This information will turn into a perfect strategy to defend yourself from abuse or misunderstandings in your workplace.

You’ll have some time to prepare a perfect speech regarding your work problems. You could even write a letter and share your point of view regarding the issue that has been worrying about you lately.

Remember that it’s impossible to be liked by everyone. Someone may lose their position at work, even if that’s not something you want.

This person may walk away, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay once you make a decision.


You have to clarify your feelings and stop denying them if you want to heal your emotional wounds. Life has to move forward, but not in any way. First, you have to heal your heart; otherwise, your sorrows will drag you down until you won’t be able to put up with your inner pain.

Ignoring your feelings won’t help you. If sadness takes over your soul, look for a confidant, a shoulder to lean on.