Leo Daily Horoscope for April 29

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You’ll hold a treasure in your hands today. A dream or maybe a thought that will cross your mind will lead you to acknowledge your personal power and how much you ignore it once you’re in a relationship.

Therefore, you’ll start your week in a different way. Your new way of thinking will lead you to better results, Leo. You’ll see that you’re independent and you shine your own light. If your partner really loves you, he/she will be by your side and support you.

Those around you may not believe in what they see and get upset with you. Don’t worry; they’ll soon adapt to the new you.

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You’ll start the week with renewed energy. The stars will be on your side and help you organize your work and delegate what others can do for you. However, you could feel negative people’s energy. In this case, try not to pay attention to them; it’s the best way not to be affected by the dark vibrations.

Those born in the first deanery will have to face difficult work demands. You might have to show your mental ability doing presentations and it’ll generate a lot of stress that will lead you to tiredness and exhaustion.  


Don't worry if you feel tachycardia or discomfort when breathing at night. If you have no cardiovascular disease, it’s just the result of fatigue and pressure you’ve been under all day.

Take a relaxing bath, have valerian root or lime blossom tea infusions. Anxiety often makes you think you’re ill, but it’s just a sign that you have to listen more to your body’s needs. However, if you have any doubts, it’s always better to pay a visit to your doctor.